I had got a small vinyl sticker printed to give some direction as to how visitors could interact with the marble run. I did not want to write a long extended list of instructions like a game, instead I wanted to keep it subtle and ambiguous like the rest of the piece.

I felt that frosted vinyl would look nice and smart over the clear Perspex, and I have used a downloaded ‘Tate’ font.

By choosing this particular bit of text, I’m hoping there will be no incidents where the machine gets totally overloaded with marbles. I think it could probably handle two or three at a time but best not to risk it. There’s a risk that the weight of multiple marbles could damage the chain hooks when they try to pick them up, and this could lead to the hooks getting stuck on the plaster, and stopping the chain from moving.

Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that I have used clear poly fillerĀ around the recess in the wood tops to hold the perspex in place during the show. It was pretty snug already, but the poly filler should hopefully stop any potential wobbling. I don’t think you would notice it too unless you were looking for it – very successful!

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