Today I had the dilemma about whether or not to use the wooden stairs I made (the ones which follow on from the plastic tubing.

The marbles picked up too much speed going down the plastic tubing, and often fell off the stairs at various angles. I bought some thin wood to attach to the sides of the stairs and act as walls, but I felt these hid the stairs too much and took away from the simplistic aesthetic.

It was suggested to me that I might be able to find a way to slow the speed of the marbles when they exit the tubing, perhaps by hanging something inside the end of the tube which the marbles hit slightly and which takes away some of the momentum.

I am going to try a bit of thin fabric and see if this could work (I feel like it will). If it doesn’t however, I will just swap the stairs for a straight bit of cornering which I know for definite works. – no biggie.

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